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Croquant Roaster - NOUGAMA

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The NOUGAMA roaster is especially designed for the processing of croquant brittle crumbs made from calibrated hazlenuts, peanuts, almonds e.g. in combination with sugar. During the processing the sugar is not melted but heated so that the nuts are covered by the sugar to maintain the flavour. This croquant brittle product finally can be ground to a praline filling mass, or can be used for cake on ice cream decoration. Coconut flakes can be preserved by roasting in the NOUGAMA for longer shelf live and flavour enhancement.

The NOUGAMA roaster is a batchwise operation unit and can be delivered as a stand alone unit or combined with a automatic operated lifting system and a discharge belt for semi automatic processing. The upper roasting drum is gas heated for excellent flavour enhancement during the roasting process. A second lower drum collects after roasting the batch immediatly and cools the granulate.





Technical data

Batch size : approx. 50-60 kg
Capacity : approx. 100-150 kg/h
Dimensions : 14000 x 800 x 2500mm
Electrical consumption : 37 kW