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Croquant - Embossing and Forming

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For the embossing and forming of croquant bars, shells, like egg shape, ball shape or stars, Böhnke + Luckau manufactures a range of calibration and embossing and forming machines type PA 200, PA 300, PA 400, and PA 600.

The hot sugar mass coming from the cooker KR50 via a tempered feeding belt continuously into the infeed hopper of the precalibration station. The formed slab is subsequently further calibrated and finally embossed. A continuous slab leaves the last embossing pair through a cooling and tempering tunnel followed by a breaking station into a drum to remove the burr from the final shaped product.





Technical data

Working width : 200mm / 300mm / 400mm / 600mm
Capacity : approx. 100-500 kg/h
Dimensions : 14000 x 800 x 2500mm
Electrical consumption : 37 kW