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Croquant cooking

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The KR50 a universal cooker for processing of especially croquant as well as for other applications like praline mass nut brittle, toffee caramel, melting of sugar and processing of food colours. For the processing of croquant, the sugar is heated up and melts first before the adding of calibrated nuts, almonds, sesame or other ingredients. The special agitator with two fast rotating and one slow motion speed, ensure a homogenous mixing during the heating time. The ready batch can be eighter collected afterwards in collection pans or feed directly to the Böhnke + Luckau croquant forming line PA 200, PA 300, PA 400 or PA 600 via a intermediate belt conveyor continuously.





Technical data

Batch size : 20-50 kg
Capacity : approx. 20-150 kg/h
Heating : LPG or city gas
Dimensions : 1300 x 1600 x 2500mm