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Vermicelli extruder STR500

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The STR vermicelli or strand extruder is very compact machine for forming of different kind of vermicelli shapes. Depending if fat based or sugar based different capacities can be achieved. This extruder can be delivered eighter as a stand alone unit or for higher capacities with twin or triple extrusion heads, be combined with a cooling tunnel. A quick exchange of the extrusion sieve allows an easy change form shape to shape.





Technical data

Working width : 600 / 1300 / 1800mm
Capacity : ca. 100-1000 kg/h
Dimensions : 8000mm length
Electrical consumption : 10-30 kW

Chocolate vermicelli

D = 0,9 mm - approx. 130kg/h
D = 1,1 mm - approx. 300kg/h
D = 2,0 mm - approx. 420kg/h

Sugar vermicelli

D = 0,9 mm - approx. 100kg/h
D = 1,1 mm - approx. 210kg/h
D = 2,0 mm - approx. 320kg/h