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Statement to Corona/Corvid-19

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Due to these problematic and unsecure times that are being forced upon us in Germany, Europe and worldwide with the Corona/Corvid-19 virus. Boehnke & Luckau GmbH wishes to release the following statement.

B & L are following all the latest reports and recommendations of the German Federal government.

B & L, due to the hygienic measures implemented, have to date, not been infected but we realize this can change very quickly. Manufacturing is running to its normal standard and we believe as long as we can count on our sub-suppliers (SEW, Siemens, Festo etc) this will not change or be delayed too much. At this point we wish to insure to all our customers, that as long as everything is in our hands the projects will carry on as planned.

With all these difficulties in mind, B & L have stopped all unnecessary business travel plans and ask our business partners for their understanding.

We pray that this virus passes as quickly as possible with all of you remaining safe, healthy and that we can carry on doing what we do best…

“Moulding Chocolate for the people”

With best regards
Böhnke & Luckau GmbH

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