Dosing Systems for nuts, crisps, dried fruits, waffles or biscuits

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Dosing systems for gentle volumetric depositing of dry ingredients like nuts, rice crisps e.g. are available and can be attached depending on the final product. The drum dosing system is the most simple design and for most of the products a optimal solution.

The feeding of the hopper can be eighter manual or automatic. A build in rotating format drum takes gentle the right amount from the top and discharges at the bottom side into the chocolate mould.

Dosing systems for individual positioning and adding of nuts or dried fruits are designed for any kind of moulding lines. The special chain type design, enables a very accurate dosing and the most gentle placing of the ingredients. A brush takes away the surplus of the ingredients. Additional equipment for placing the nuts or dried fruits into the centre and a pushing device to press them into the chocolate mass is required for special final products.

Dosing systems for filling masses or chocolate mass mixed with nuts or rice crisp prior to the depositing into the mould, complete the range of universal loose ingredient dosing systems.

The automatic wafer or biscuit feeding system can be combined with a shell moulding line or a solid bar line. Refilling of the magazine stacker is realized manually by the operator. The wafers or biscuits are then placed onto the belt.





Technical data

Working width : 275mm